Weddings - Social Engagements - Corporate Events

Elegant Affairs by Dione is a premier provider of personal services for you, your family, and your business.  
So sit back and leave us to the details. Allow us to Bring Your Vision to Life.


We believe the design of a wedding should start with your unique story and style before anything else. Weddings should be meaningful, memorable with thoughtful details.

Weddings should be an experience, one that creates memories, unites friends and family. A wedding should feel like an intimate dinner party, with good wine, good food, and great conversation, no matter how small or large the party.

Each client needs are different and we specialize in creating a package that meets your exclusive budget needs.  

Social Engagements

We can help you plan your

  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Baby Showers
  • Milestone Birthdays and more!

Make your social event memorable by creating a fantastic experience for your guests while taking the pressure off of you.

Corporate Events

Your brand is important to you. You need to ensure that your event communicates your vision while staying within budget and meeting your marketing milestones.

We can help manage your corporate event marketing, logistics, media and vendor contracts for conferences, meetings and celebrations.

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